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Recent Reviews

  1. GreenCaddis Small Waterproof Swing Leaf Fly Box 5.9" x 4" x 1.8"
    Excellent fly box.
    Very well constructed fly box. It is like having 2 boxes in one and has plenty of room for a lot of flies.
    (Review by Whipping Tippet)
  2. Rise: The Movie
    A nice watch....
    A nice watch with good footage and some interesting scenery from some out of the way places (for me anyway) and nice fish and fishing.
    (Review by Johnno)
  3. Once in a Blue Moon
    Stellar to say the least.
    The movie is a great portrayal of the beauty of flyfishing, fly casting and the coveted heaven on earth to a flyfisher like myself, New
    (Review by El Chuckarino)
  4. Extra Large Waterproof Fly Box 7.7" x 4.3" x 1.65" (Slit, Easy Grip or Streamer Foam)
    Great Box.
    I bought this box for my son. While I have not used it yet, it looks very similar to more expensive boxes I own. I
    (Review by mt1trout)
  5. Extra Large Double Sided Clear Lid Waterproof Fly Box - 7.5" x 5" x 1.65" (Slit, Easy Grip or Streamer Foam)
    Great case.
    I often leave my fly vest in the car and this fly box is perfect. It holds lots of flies and the only change I've
    (Review by Bob)
  6. GC2312 - Hopper & Terrestrial Straight eye, 2X Long, 1X Fine, Slightly humped shank, Forged, Bronze - 25 hooks per pack
    Best hooks in regards to value for money! Great shape, finish and size! Highly recommendable!
    (Review by Jon)