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  1. GreenCaddis Ruby River Fiberglass Fly Rod
    I am so very pleased!!.
    I received my Ruby River Fiberglass Rod last week and it completely exceeded my expectations. The reel seat, cork grip, and rod windings are spectacular
    (Review by Mickey)
  2. 5.5" Tungsten 6th Finger Fly Tying Scissors
    I think these scissors are great. I now have three pair with two different sizes. I bought one for home. Had to have another for
    (Review by Fly Tying Bob)
  3. GC3769 - Wet Fly & Nymph, 2X Heavy, Sproat bend, Bronze
    Grrrr-8 hooks.
    I've tied up a dozen or so of the hooks and they work great. caught fish on every one that hit the water. As good
    (Review by DW)
  4. 5” Tungsten Tension Scissors
    Great pair of scissors.
    I have needed scissors of this type for a very long time but because of the prices of name brands I have held back waiting
    (Review by Paul Tidroski)
  5. Large Double Sided Clear Lid Waterproof Streamer Fly Box - 6.5" x 4.5" x 1.75"
    Great product; perfect fly storage - easy to see flies .
    I love this flybox. The micro slits hold even #18 midges securely. The box holds stacks of flies; is easy to operate one handed and
    (Review by Bear3494)
  6. GC100 - Dry Fly,turned down eye, 1X Fine, Wide Gape, Forged, Bronze
    Great hook, awesome deal..
    Great price, high quality, strong hooks. I have caught trout upwards of 20" on a #20 and have not had an issue. Razor sharp, super
    (Review by James)